Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holidays are here again

The holidays are here again, and usually they just come and go without much memory. This Thanksgiving for our family was special for several reasons. This is the first Thanksgiving my wife and I have had as new parents, my wife got to come home for the first time in five months riding in a car, and we got to spend it at our house with the family. Shawnda got to spend time in the nursery with the twins, and when it came down to dinner, she ate the best I have seen in a long time. Since that day, my wife has really been making some big strides. She is eating well again after several weeks, and working hard at therapy. She went to the doctor last week to have a procedure performed to help with extending her left arm, and it was extremely successful. She is working on keeping it good and stretched on her own. She is also sitting up well in the wheelchair that she uses considering that it is made for someone much bigger than she is. Next week, she will be going back to acute rehab, and they are going to fit her for a wheelchair that fits. I am still shocked at how well she remembers names. I still have to ask her who someone is because I am terrible about remembering things. In general, she has had a phenomenal attitude during the past five months. I am so proud of her for staying in good spirits, and for working so hard. I really can't wait until she is back home so that she can spend some time really loving on the babies (and me.) And we can do the same in kind.

From Thanksgiving 2008

The twins have been in Huntsville for a very long time. They caught their first cold a week before Thanksgiving, and I thought it would be best to limit their exposure to environments where they can catch anything more serious. My wife asks about them all the time, and I miss them being around because they are always doing something new and fascinating. The amazing thing about them is that when they caught a cold, instead of crying and being in a generally poor mood, they learned how to roll around. The only way I knew something was wrong is because their breathing was unusual, and the younger one had a temperature. They are getting really big now, and starting to really develop their own personalities. Madison is really fun loving; she smiles and talks to everything. Morgan on the other hand is really laid back, and likes to absorb her environment.

This Christmas, my gift will be two lovely children, and a beautiful wife. It is truly miraculous to see where we were five months ago to where God has delivered us to today. On June 19; I was worried that my wife may not survive, and whether our unborn children would survive. Today, I see two delightful children, and have the unique honor of being married to one of the most beautiful and courageous women around. She fought for the lives of three people, and they are all doing wonderful. I thank the Lord for watching over our family, and for us growing stronger as a couple, and adding to our family.

Well, I started back to work this week also. I can't believe it has been over two months since I had a chance to post anything. All is going well, and I hope that you and your family are blessed during this holiday season.

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